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Amy Shares If She’s Doing Anymore Acting in 2024

A listener called in saying they watched the Hallmark movie Amy was in, Holiday Harmony. They loved it and thought she did a great job and were curious if she planned on doing any acting gigs in 2024.  

Last year, Amy had started acting and improv classes and enjoyed it, but she started to get in her head and think it was stupid. When she spent some time away from it, she started to think it wasn’t who she truly was, and it was too far out of her lane. She started having doubts about herself which she knows isn’t healthy. Her challenge for herself was to just audition for something and even if she didn’t get it at least she went for it, but she hasn’t done that yet either. She doesn’t want to let fear hold her back so she may start doing some more improv again or audition for something!