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Amy Was Asked About Her Protocal Before Going on Date

Amy has not gone on any dates since her divorce.

She is on dating apps and set her age range between 35-50. Recently, she received a message from someone asking her on a date, but she’s not sure if it’s going to go anywhere. She feels weird about the details, but the person she’d been messaging with asked her what her protocol was about going on a date, which she replied she didn’t have one because she’s new to this. She started to get nervous, so she asked if he’d ever murdered somebody in a joking way. After she sent that message, she never got a reply. She’s not sure if it’s because he murdered someone, it hit too close to home for him, or he just didn’t find it funny.  

She is working on getting more comfortable with being on dating apps. Everyone agreed they thought it was great that Amy was being herself, being playful and flirty in that situation and if he doesn’t respond then she should just move on. She will keep us updated if he replies!