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Eddie Has Dilemma With Basketball Game & Spelling Bee on Same Night

Eddie was complaining about parents taking their kids out of sports games to go on vacation. But now Eddie has found himself in a similar situation.  

For his son's 16th birthday, they got him tickets to a Memphis Grizzlies' game. Then, his 10-year-old son came home and said he made the second round of the Spelling Bee which is on the same night as the game. The Spelling Bee is at 2 in the afternoon, and the game is at 7 at night. Eddie called the teacher, and she told him if he does well it could take hours. Eddie’s proud his son is doing so well with his education and made the Spelling Bee, but the whole family already had this trip planned. Eddie didn’t even know he signed up for the Spelling Bee and feels bad having him miss it because he didn’t make the second-round last year and studied for it all year. He is going to ask his son if he’d rather go to the game or be in the Spelling Bee, and if he’d rather do the Spelling Bee, he’s going to see if his wife wants to stay behind to take him while the rest of the family goes to the game. Now he understands how certain things could pop up with families which causes people to miss prior commitments.