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Lunchbox Asks Wife If She Would Allow Him On OnlyFans

OnlyFans offered Snoop Dogg $100-million dollars for him to get on the app and pose nude. He said he would’ve done it, but his wife was against it.  

Lunchbox thought his wife would let him do it, so he asked her if she’d allow him to post nude videos of himself on OnlyFans if he made $10-million from it. When she heard the price, she agreed that she’d be fine with it if he didn’t make a penny less. He then asked if the adult film industry told him they wanted him to be “Forrest Hump” and they’d pay him $10-million to do porn with another girl if she’d allow it, but she said no. She’s fine if he’s alone but if there’s anyone else involved, she wouldn’t be okay with it.  

He was shocked she wouldn’t let him because that money could change their life. If he was ever presented the opportunity, he still thinks he would take to support his family. He also thinks she would get over him doing it after a month or two. If it led to them getting a divorce, he would use the millions he made from it to get full custody of the kids and still allow her to come see them.