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Lunchbox Has Idea For Two Show Members To Make Money… With Him

Lunchbox has a business idea for Eddie and Morgan!

He suggested they start renting their Jeeps on Turo, an app where you can rent your car to people. They could make $5K each a month, but Lunchbox wants 20% of it for letting them know about the idea. He plays soccer with a man who told him he listed his car on Turo, and it’s booked through August! He is buying another smaller car to drive, while he rents out his Jeep and makes $5K a month.  

Lunchbox wants Eddie and Morgan to pay him 20% perpetuity of their earnings, but he won't help them buy a new car for them to drive while their main car is being rented. While looking on the app, they saw a Jeep you could rent for $200 a day. If someone rents your car, you can choose for them to pick it up or meet somewhere to drop it off. You can also set a certain number of miles you want them to drive and anything over that they have to pay an upcharge. Eddie and Morgan are going to do some more research before they give a definite answer!