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Lunchbox Tried to Get Extra-Large Sonic Cup Filled At Starbucks

Amy shared a story about how Starbucks is trying to reduce waste by having people bring their own cup that they’ll fill up. In the studio, there is a massive 4ft tall, 450 oz decorative Sonic cup. It’s not a real cup, however, you can put stuff in it. To test out Starbucks new policy, Lunchbox put it in the bed of Scuba Steve’s truck and went through a Starbucks drive-thru to see if they would fill it up.  

Lunchbox was in the bed of the truck and when he pulled up to the speaker and told them he brought his own cup for them to fill up with coffee. The lady couldn’t see the cup yet because it was laying in the bed of the truck. Once he pulled up to the window, he presented them with the giant cup, and they told him they couldn’t fill it up since it wasn’t a personal cup. Lunchbox claimed it was the cup he drank from, but they told him they couldn’t fill it because the most they could give him was 20 oz worth of coffee. He agreed to get only 20 oz in the giant cup, and it cost him $3.44, he also asked for two creams. They took a cup and poured it into the giant Sonic cup, which defeated the purpose of using a refillable cup. The employee was not happy, but everyone else was enjoying it.