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Show Members Admit Some Things They’ve Said to Partners

An article in Bolde shared 10 things you should never say to your partner regardless of how angry you get. Members on The Bobby Bones Show shared if they’ve ever said these things, find out below:  

“You're just like your parent” 

  • Bobby Bones – If he said that to his wife she would take it as a compliment because her parents are awesome.  
  • Eddie – He has said it to his wife in a negative way.  
  • Lunchbox – He has told his wife she acts like her mom when she tries to correct him.  
  • Amy – She’s had it said to her before and thought it was frustrating because she didn’t know what they were truly trying to say about her and her mom.  

“I wish I never met you.” 

  • Bobby Bones – Thinks it’s so mean and would never say it.  
  • Eddie – Has said it to his parents but never his wife.  

“You always” or “You never.”  

  • Everyone agreed they say it all the time to their partner.  

“You’re overreacting.”  

  • Bones, Eddie and Lunchbox admitted they say it to their partners when they get upset, and they know it’s wrong.  

“You’re so hard to love.”  

  • None of them have ever said it because it feels too harsh.  

“I don’t care anymore.”  

  • They say it all the time but know they really care about the issue.  

“Why couldn’t you be more like...?”  

  • Eddie said his wife says it to him sometimes and will compare her to other dads. He never says it and knows better than to compare her to other wives.  

“This is all your fault.”  

  • Bones says it in a different way like “We’re only fighting right now because of you.” Lunchbox will say it when his wife makes them late. 

“I hate you.” 

  • They would say it to their parents when they were kids but have never said it to their partners.  

“You’re useless”  

  • Bones knows if he ever said it, she would kill him. No one else has said it to their partner.