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Self-Compassion Beyond the Reflection (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: We are back for Part 3 in "Unfiltered Confidence: Navigating Self-Discovery Within Recovery," where Leanne interviews Suzanne, a living testament to the transformative journey of overcoming disordered eating and toxic shame. 

In "Self-Compassion Beyond the Reflection." Leanne and Suzanne explore the profound role of self-forgiveness and compassion in the healing journey with your body. Suzanne shares her own personal experiences, anecdotes, and insights, illuminating the path towards cultivating a compassionate relationship with your physical self -- even if you've felt disconnected from your body for a long time.

They unravel the complexities of self-discovery beyond the surface, and how understanding of the healing potential found in embracing self-compassion isn't always easy to put into practice. Enjoy this candid dialogue as they navigate the nuances of self-reflection and learn to extend kindness and forgiveness to the most intimate aspect of our being – our own bodies.

HOST: @leanneellington

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