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Everyone Admits The Things They Regret in Their Life

An article of 30-40 something's shared what they regret not doing when they were younger. Everyone on The Bobby Bones Show admitted some things they regret from their life! 

  • Bobby Bones – Not learning music and being in band when he was younger. He was told being in the band was for nerds and he didn’t know if he could afford an instrument. He really regrets not learning music young so he would be good at reading music today.  
  • Amy – Traveling. She wishes she took more time pre-marriage and kids to go places to experience more cultures, even if it was just by herself. 
  • Lunchbox – Traveling. When he was in college, he wished he had spent the weekends going to other cities and partying and meeting new people there. Also, not go to class as much because it cost him his chance of being on the Real World because he missed their callback while he was in class.  
  • Eddie – He wishes he started investing in a 401K when he first started working and that he learned about other money investments earlier to help set him up for retirement.  
  • Morgan – One of her regrets is a relationship she was in and thinks it stems from things she went through that caused her to have low insecurity in herself. She wasn’t grown enough to be in that relationship at the time and if she was, she probably would’ve never gotten into it. She regrets not focusing on herself and getting to know herself better.  
  • Raymundo – He wishes he moved to the south when he was younger so he could focus on sports more because where he’s from he couldn’t play outside sports for 6 months of the year.  
  • Scuba Steve - At home he was phenomenal basketball player, but when he played in public, he got too in his head and was worried too much about other people watching him, so he’d freeze and not play well. He wishes he had more confidence in himself to focus on it more and become a better player.