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Bobby Keeps Winning Signed Jerseys via TikTok

Bobby Bones was scrolling through TikTok live and found one doing a raffle and he paid $35 to enter it.

The company that does it provides three sealed boxes and the person opening them has no idea what is inside. He had to pick one of the 32 NFL teams and if the jersey inside of it was the team you picked, you won. Bones picked the Cincinnati Bengals and when they opened the box, there was a Bengals Ja'Marr Chase signed jersey, so they sent it to him for $35! Everyone else who played did not get their money back.  

Bones played again and picked the Chicago Bears and then he won a Mike Singletary signed jersey! He played again and picked the Tennessee Titans, and they pulled out a Houston Oilers Warren Moon signed helmet, which was the previous name of the Titians, and they are sending it to him today! They tried to play on the 25 Whistles Podcast but lost twice. Then while he was working out with Eddie, he won two more signed jerseys! It’s all regulated on TikTok Shop so it’s legal and he just keeps getting lucky picking the right teams. Bones usually does not like to wear jerseys, but since he won so many new ones, he’s going to wear them now.