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Eddie Changing Up His Alarm Clock Sound So It’s No Longer Jarring

Eddie changed his alarm clock sound so it’s no longer so jarring and brutal when he wakes up.  

He’s been using the default one on his iPhone ever since he got it. He hates it and every time he hears it, he’s reminded of feeling scared and needing to wake up. He found a new sound that is relaxing and makes waking up enjoyable and brings a smile to his face. It’s the ‘early riser’ sound on his iPhone and it’s the best way to wake up because it’s peaceful and starts his morning off right. He was scared it wouldn’t be loud enough to wake him up, but it did the second he heard the first piano key. Amy played her alarm sound and it’s similar to Eddie’s. Lunchbox uses the clock radio that’s set to a radio station as his alarm. Bobby Bones wakes up every day before his alarm because he hears in his head himself calling him a loser who needs to work harder.