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Lunchbox Shocked Abby Was Reading Commercial For Advertiser

Lunchbox was shocked when he walked in on Abby recording a commercial for a client.  

He thought it was strange that out of all the people on the show, the client would pick someone who is only on-air every few days. She recorded the commercial before the show was over because she didn’t want Lunchbox to hear it. She recorded it in the same studio he records his Sore Losers podcast and thought she had 10 minutes, but he came in early and asked what she was doing.  

The commercial is for a talent competition called the Indy Country Showdown. John is in her singing group and is the salesperson who pitched it to her. Lunchbox claims he’s not mad or jealous, he’s just shocked. When he heard the news, he ran out of the room to tell Scuba Steve and he explained it made sense they asked Abby because she’s an aspiring singer. If they wanted someone to shout about the competition, they would’ve asked him. They played the audio of her commercial and it sounded great! Lunchbox wants credit for elevating her career so much that she gets paid to voice commercials from clients now.