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Bobby Going To Break Soon, Still Not Getting Good Sleep

Bobby Bones is going to a sleep doctor because he’s still not getting good sleep. He feels like he’s about to break soon if he can’t get enough good hours of quality sleep soon. He used to work crazy hours and not allow himself to get much sleep, but now, he makes sure to stop everything at a reasonable time and go to bed comfortably but still is only getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night.  

The first appointment is a consultation and then the next one he’ll have to sleep there while they monitor his sleep patterns. Because they have to film him while he sleeps, he’s worried he’ll do something inappropriate while he’s asleep and they’ll do something with the video. He’s also not sure how well he will sleep at a different place and would rather someone monitor his sleep in his own bed and environment.  

Bones wears an Oura ring that tells him his sleep pattern and it shows him waking up multiple times in the middle of the night. He makes sure to do everything right to ensure he gets a good night's sleep, but nothing is working. If he doesn’t get it fixed, he knows he will break soon. He’s not cranky, he’s exhausted and even his dogs are tired because he keeps them up all night. He’s had sleep issues before and became dependent on sleeping pills, so he doesn’t use them anymore because they affected him so badly and caused him to forget everything he was doing. He’s going to remain positive and hopefully start getting enough sleep soon!