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Amy Has Business Idea for Bobby Inspired by Show Member

Amy was inspired by Lunchbox’s suggestion to Eddie and Morgan to rent their Jeeps on Turo and pitched the idea to Bobby Bones!

Lunchbox told Eddie and Morgan they could make up to $5K a month if they put their Jeeps for rent on Turo. Since he told them about the idea, he wanted 20% of their earnings. Amy looked into the Turo app and saw cars being rented for a lot of money. She wanted to know if Bones would like to invest in a car with her to put on the app to start renting out. Lunchbox was mad because he was the one who informed them about the app, but since he didn’t pitch the idea to her, she does not owe him 20% of her earnings.  

Amy wants to find a cool but practical car to purchase and start renting it on the Turo app. Bones is open to the idea and is willing to invest in a car with her if she’s the one who does the research and finds the best option. Lunchbox wants to get in on the car investment as well, but Bones does not want him to until he sells the items from the pallet. Amy is going to research car options and re-pitch the idea to Bones when she has more info!