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Bobby Dealing With Friendship Text Dilemma

Bobby Bones has a friend that is a professional golfer and plays on the PGA Tour. They aren’t super close but will text every few weeks. His friend texted him a few days ago to check in on him and Bones wants to know if his response came off too weird or if he was just being a good friend. Bones said he saw him play in the last tournament and asked how he felt about it and the guy said he felt good and that he thought he was going to be “dangerous” this year. That’s when Bones replied with something he thought might have been too much. He told him he has his alerts on for ESPN, so he gets notified whenever he does anything. The guy just replied, “See you soon” and sent him the peace finger emoji.  

Lunchbox thought it was creepy and that he should’ve played it cool. Amy thought he was just being a good friend. Eddie thought there was a fine line between the two but thinks it’s stalkerish. Morgan thinks since they’ve only hung out two times, he might need to back off a little. She doesn’t think it’s lame though and he’s just being a good friend. Bones will keep us updated on how their next interaction goes.