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Eddie Finally Fulfills Punishment, Shares Jokes In Public

The Bobby Bones Show rule is if you spoil a TV show or movie, you must spin the wheel of punishment.

Eddie spoiled a show, and his punishment was he had to go to a public place and perform comedy randomly until someone laughed. He went to a coffee shop that was packed with people and he ordered coffee and saw there was a stage where people perform. It was the perfect spot, so he went up on the stage and started telling jokes to the crowd. The audio wasn’t great, and you could hardly hear what he was saying because he only took a video and not an audio recording. Only one person at the coffee shop laughed at his jokes.

Since they couldn’t make out what he was saying, and the jokes he told he stole from the internet, it does not count. Lunchbox voted that Eddie must do it again, which he is dreading because he was very embarrassed. He has two weeks to complete it!