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Raymundo and His Wife Purchased Their First House

Raymundo and his wife purchased their first home and officially moved in!  

They are very excited and have been waiting for this move for months. When they signed the papers, they weren’t going to take a picture, but Ray knew it was a big moment and wanted it to be remembered for generations, so he asked for one.  

They are officially all moved in, and the process was crazy. The movers, plumbers, electrical, inspection and everything else had to happen on the same day. Only six months ago they were looking at land and houses and didn’t think they were going to build their own house, but then his wife’s dad told them he could build them one. He built them the house in record time, and they paid for a brand-new custom-made house that sits on two acres of land.

Ray is a little sad to leave the old apartment they lived in together, especially since he was known for taking epic sunset pics from the balcony there and having pool parties. He said the sunset pics will continue, but there will be more suburbia in them now. Also, his drive to work was only 10 minutes and now it’s 35 minutes.