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From Vision To Reality Through Grateful Anticipation (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: In the final episode of "Unfiltered Confidence: Navigating Self-Discovery Within Recovery," Leanne interviews Suzanne, a living testament to the transformative journey of overcoming disordered eating and toxic shame.

In "From Vision To Reality Through Grateful Anticipation." Suzanne shares her incredible experiences and the power of gratitude and (her own version of) manifestation by simply being "grateful in advance."

Through Leanne and Suzanne's candid conversation, it's an invitation to  gain insight into the art of manifesting profound changes by using your brain. Suzanne shares how this included for her attracting a life partner after a prolonged period of not dating, and how she first started by creating radical self-acceptance and self-love within herself as prerequisites to receiving love from others.

They also explore the necessity of using specificity in setting intentions, highlighting the importance of writing down your aspirations as a tangible step towards turning visions into reality.

HOST: @leanneellington

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