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Lunchbox Asked People If Eddie or New Bachelor Are More Attractive

A few weeks ago, Eddie shared that he thought was better looking than the new Bachelor, Joey Graziadei. He doesn’t think he is bad looking, he just thinks he’s too normal looking to be the Bachelor and that he looks just as good as he does. So, Lunchbox went out on the street with two pictures of Eddie and two pictures of Graziadei that he got from their Instagram account to ask people who they thought was more attractive. He grabbed a shirtless and normal picture of them both.  

The first person he showed their pictures to picked Eddie because she said he looked like a nice guy and reminded her of her husband. The next woman he asked said Eddie was okay and not spectacular and that Joey “had it all,” and she liked his muscles and smile. The next person he asked said Eddie looked like the low man on the totem pole and they’d chose him over Graziadei. The final person thought Eddie was good looking in his own way and chose him because he looked more mature than Graziadei.  

Eddie won with three out of the four people choosing him over the Bachelor!