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Lunchbox Has Business Proposition For Car Dealerships

Lunchbox has a new business proposition he thinks would benefit car dealerships and himself!  

He thinks one of The Bobby Bones Show affiliates should fly him out to partner with a local car dealership. The dealership would “wine and dine” him, make it the best experience of his life, and he would buy a car from them. In return, he would start doing commercials for the dealership and they’d become partners. He also thinks it’s a good idea because he can vlog his journey of getting the new car for show content. Lunchbox considers it a perfect, no-fail opportunity.

He wants the dealership to “wine and dine” him and give him first-class treatment so he can tell everyone how amazing the experience of buying a new car with them was. He’d also want them to give him the best price possible on a new car and not pay full price. He thinks it’s an amazing opportunity for himself and the dealership that would bring them a lot of new customers, even though he would be the only one getting special treatment.  

Scuba Steve thinks the “wine and dine” part is weird, but it’s not a bad idea if a dealership is looking for an endorser and they want to buy him to endorse that product and, in that process, he can get a deal on car. He is going to reach out to some dealerships to make a connection and then get the sales team involved to close the deal.