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Lunchbox Wants Show To Send Him to the Big Game

Lunchbox is always asking the company to send him on trips for show content. This time, he’s asking to be sent to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl!

He got invited to a few parties happening there which will have a lot of celebrities in attendance. In the invitation, he was told he could cover those events if he’s in town, but they aren’t paying to fly him there.  He thinks covering these parties would benefit the show because he’d be able to report what he saw celebrities doing, get the inside scoop and maybe get them to come on the show and do an interview. 

Bobby Bones would let him have Friday off to travel to Vegas, but he and the company will not pay for the full trip. Scuba Steve does think Lunchbox would come back with incredible content, social media posts and stories that would live on the show for a while and it’s a great idea, but he needs to pay to get there himself. After looking at flight prices it’s about $450 just one way and another $500 to come back. Bones made a deal that if Lunchbox can stay with a listener in Vegas, he would look into points for the flight.  

Photo: Getty Images