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Friendship Breakups & Advocating for Your Health (5th Thing)

Today’s quote: “The view is always better from the high road – and there’s less traffic!”


Amy & Kat answer two questions from a listener email:


How should we feel if a friendship ends?

A lot of people don’t talk about ending friendships, but it can feel like more of a loss than someone we’ve been dating (even if you knew it was the right decision for yourself)!


It’s a VERY normal experience for a friendship to end (and it can really suck). Kat reminds us that grieving is not about getting over something – it’s about learning live with the loss.


How can get your doctor to take your symptoms seriously?

Amy is in perimenopause and is getting her hormones tested to try to figure out the right way to treat her symptoms. There’s a lot of shame around menopause especially if you’re doctor isn’t taking your symptoms seriously or is disregarding your concerns.


Reminder! You are allowed to have information & ask questions about your own health!! Don’t feel bad advocating for yourself and if you need to, find a new doctor who will listen to you!


PLUS – beauty mishaps: Veet for eyebrows and Preparation H for undereye?!



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