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Bobby Recalls Opening For Toby Keith At The Last Minute

Toby Keith passed away February 5th at the age of 62. Bobby Bones shared memories of Keith, including the time he and Eddie opened for him as The Raging Idiots.  

The original act that was going to open for Keith couldn’t do it anymore at the last minute, so he asked Bones and Eddie. The show was in D.C., but they were in Nashville and had no way of getting there on time. Keith sent them his private plane and they grabbed their guitars and went. Since it was a last-minute show, their whole band couldn’t make it. When they got there, Keith gave them a tour shirt that only had one date on it and said, “With special guests The Raging Idiots.”  

Bones and Eddie wear similar matching outfits when they perform as The Raging Idiots and Keith asked them to come on stage and sing “Red Solo Cup” with him. They agreed but realized they didn’t know the words as well as they thought. Eddie introduced himself as the Mexican one to Keith, so he said on stage he’ll introduce them as the White and Mexican one. When they went to perform, he called on Bones and he got the words right. Then, he called for Eddie by saying “Where’s the Mexican one?” He didn’t reset the joke, so everyone was confused and didn’t know what he meant. They didn’t screw the song up that bad but when Eddie was leaving Keith told him to learn the words next time.