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Jake Owen Details Message He Received From Toby Keith

Jake Owen called into The Bobby Bones Show to share some of his stories of Toby Keith.  

Owen called Keith’s passing tough to process. He shared that most people don’t realize how much he did for others. Keith went on over 300 USO Tours and spent a lot of time visiting the troops and giving them more than just his music. Owen recently texted Keith to check in on him, and one of the most prolific messages he received from him said “Jake, remember one thing. Life is way bigger than this music. Make sure you leave something behind that is bigger than the music.” It was an important message Owen thought everyone should know. Owen viewed Keith as a mentor and shared how he left a lasting impact on him. He said he was a strong guy who did it his own way. He stood up for what he believed in and always did things for other people without wanting anything in return and that’s what made him who he was. Owen shared how everyone who knew him is more focused on the impact he made as the man he was then his music.  

Bobby Bones recalled when he and Owen were in Orlando for an Oklahoma vs. Florida State game and Keith was there. Owen is a huge FSU fan and Keith loved OU. They went to visit Keith before the game, and they had so much respect for each other even though their rival schools were playing.