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Listener Shares 2023 Bobby Bones Show Game Stats

Listener Kyler from Ozark, Missouri, called into The Bobby Bones Show to share how he has the stats from all the games played and won percentages from 2023. This is his second year in a row calling in with this information!  

Find out the stats below:  

  • The most games played by a single person was 157 from Amy.  
  • Raymundo was the only person who got 100% in games played and games won. He only played one game.  
  • Bobby Bones had the second highest percentage of games won.   

This is what place everyone came in:  

  • Eddie – 38.2% - he went 57 for 149.  
  • Lunchbox – 31.8% - he went 44 for 138. 
  • Abby – 27% - she went 10 for 37.  
  • Amy – 21% - she went 33 for 157.  
  • Morgan – 17% - she went 12 out of 70.  

Kyler shared that he’s been in TikTok jail for a long time and is stuck at 480K followers. He wants the B-Team to give him a boost and get him back in the algorithm so he can make viral content. His account is @kylerennis.