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Bobby Writes Original Song for Show To Sing Called “They Are Single”

Bobby Bones wrote an original song when he went to the bathroom during break and the show learned it and then performed it! 

It’s set to the tune of “We Are The World,” and he changed it to “They Are Single.” The guys on the show sang the main choir because it’s about the girls on the show. Abby’s part is kind of insulting herself, but Bones wrote it as a joke and just for a fun song.  

Bones, Lunchbox and Eddie sang the main part about how the girls on the show are single but dating and that they are on the dating apps just waiting. Amy went first and sang how it’s a choice she’s making, that she’s not looking for anyone over 49, they can’t be broke and if they need a car she won’t co-sign. Morgan then went and sang how she wants no more losers in her future, that she can’t seem to get away from dudes that are toxic and use hairspray. Abby went last and sang that she’s not single anymore and hopes to never be again, but that she’s been known to be obsessed so wait and see. They got more confident with their parts, and all sang it together. The guys loved it and thought it was a hit, but the girls weren’t big fans.