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Swiftie Lauren Tries to Name 34 Taylor Swift Songs in 1 Min To Break Record

A Swiftie set a new Guinness World Record for recognizing 34 Taylor Swift songs from just their lyrics in under a minute. The Bobby Bones Show producer and resident Swiftie, Lauren, rose to the challenge to see how many she could correctly name in one minute. The goal was to get 14.  

Bobby Bones read her the opening line of Swift’s biggest hits, but didn’t sing it in the melody, to see if Lauren could get it right. She got every single one right and named the 14 songs correctly in a minute. Bones then challenged Amy, Eddie and Lunchbox, who worked together to see how well they knew their Swift lyrics. Eddie and Amy both got two right, so they were challenged with a few more and Eddie won, showing he’s the second biggest Swiftie on the show!