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Bobby & Eddie Recall Singing “Red Solo Cup” With Toby Keith

On February 5th, Toby Keith passed away. Keith left a lasting impression on country music and on The Bobby Bones Show and, in his memory, we have been sharing stories of him all week.  

Bobby Bones recalled once asking Keith if he’d ever get into politics and how his response became a joke that he and Eddie say to each other all the time. Keith said, “I make more money in one night in merch then the President does in one year.” He shared that he’s made $250K in merch just in a night, and he would never want to run for office.  

Bones also shared when Keith invited him and Eddie as The Raging Idiots to open for him at a show in D.C., and they were asked to sing “Red Solo Cup” with him. They didn’t know the words as well as they thought but did fine on stage. When they were leaving, Keith told Eddie to learn the words next time. He also called Eddie “The Mexican” because that’s how he introduced himself. Eddie called himself the Mexican of the band and Keith thought it was so funny, so he said it on stage when he introduced Eddie, but he didn’t explain the joke beforehand, so the crowd was confused.