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Lunchbox Tried To Donate Altima To Driving School

Lunchbox’s 2005 Altima has died and come back to life many times. Some days it works, but most days it doesn’t.  

He knows he needs to get a new car soon, but he wants to find his Altima a new home, so he tried to donate it to a driving school. He asked if they accepted car donations and was told they are always looking for ones and would just need to do some alterations. He then asked about the condition and shape of the car for safety purposes. Lunchbox said it’s never been in a wreck and that it was a 2005 Nissan Altima with 216K miles on it and that it was extremely reliable. He also let the man hear his car struggle to start up.  

The man told him they would have to pass. Lunchbox said he was just trying to do something for the kids, but the employee told him with that number of miles on it it’s a safety concern and he can’t accept the donation and wished him luck. He’s going to look into other places and does not want to donate it to some place that will rip his car apart for parts because he thinks it still has a lot to give.