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Food Struggles Are My “Dirty Little Secret” (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: When it comes to the diet mentality, body shame, disordered eating, and all the internal stress and chaos that comes alongside all of that, for so many women this is their deepest held secret.

This struggle with food, their body, the war in their head, the fight in their hearts, and the shame. All that shame about their body, feeling so out of control all the time, feeling like a failure….for so many women, no one even knows what's really going on!


★ No one knows how much they are REALLY struggling and suffering.

★ No one knows how much time and energy they are spending thinking about what they should or shouldn’t eat, what they should wear — or what they can wear that fits or doesn’t look tight.

★ No one knows how much time they are thinking about how bad they actually feel.

★ No one knows that they aren’t even fully present in their lives— that even though they are there in the flesh and blood, they aren’t really ‘there’ -- they aren’t fully present.


What’s even worse is: no one is talking about this OR how to get past it. 

In today’s episode of Outweigh Leanne takes a look at this overlooked subject, but  also shares the “What I know now that I wish I knew then” steps to actually get PAST it.

HOST: @leanneellington

To learn more about how to turn off the part of your brain that’s obsessed with food or obsessed with your weight and rewire your own brain for peace and freedom,....but WITHOUT restricting yourself, punishing your body, (and definitely WITHOUT ever having to use words like macros, low-carb, or calorie burn) check out Leanne's FREE Stressless Eating Webinar @

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