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Show Members Admit the Most Daring Things They’ve Ever Done

Members of The Bobby Bones Show want you to get to know them better, so they shared what the most daring thing they’ve ever done was. Find out below:  

  • Amy – Skydiving. It was the riskiest, scariest thing she’d done.  
  • Bobby Bones – Episode one of Breaking Bobby Bones that you can watch on Amazon. He had to go on a little rope to clean the bottom of the Grand Canyon Bridge. He was there for two hours, and he had to switch ropes and was terrified.  
  • Lunchbox – Climbing Mount Olympus. When you're climbing to the peak of the mountain, they have plaques showing where people died. He was also unprepared and had no equipment.  
  • Eddie – In 5th grade he was in Boy Scouts and went to Buffalo Trails in West Texas. They went to a cliff that was 20 stories high and there was a lake at the bottom. Everyone was scared to jump off it, so Eddie went first and gave everyone the courage to jump in after.  

Bones also recalled another daring time when he was in Arkansas with Eddie, and he dared him to eat a full ball of Wasabi. Eddie thought he was the most daring on the show but in a stupid way. Bones thought he was the most daring but only because he was forced to do things on his show Breaking Bobby Bones.