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Bobby Shares Top 5 Rejected Segments From the Last Month

Bobby Bones shared the Top 5 rejected segments from the last month. They were rejected because they were either too boring, dangerous or didn’t go well with the show. Find them out below! 

  1. Raymundo heard a country artist was going to be broke soon. He heard this artist has been flying private to every show and they can’t really afford it. He also heard they just built a massive house, and they don’t have a family or kids. Bones rejected it because he would never want to call the artist out by name, also he didn’t think Raymundo had all the facts correct.  
  2. Eddie thought he caught his 16-year-old son drinking. Eddie bought Truly seltzers, drank two, and put the rest in the fridge. One day, his son voluntarily took the trash out, which he never does, so Eddie thought something was weird. He checked the fridge and saw the Truly’s were gone, so he thought his son drank them and was hiding the evidence by taking out the trash. Turned out the drinks had just fallen off the shelf in the back and Eddie found them two days later. It was rejected because it was boring.  
  3. Masked Interviewer. Scuba Steve books a mystery guest and they come in wearing a big mascot like costume and they can change their voice. The show gets to ask them 10 questions to try and figure out who it is. If they stump us, they get to promote anything they want. If we figure it out, they get no interview or promo. It was rejected because they didn’t think they’d get anyone good to agree to do it.  
  4. Amy suggested a show bonding trip like cow cuddle therapy. She wanted to go as a show because it could’ve been a bonding and therapeutic moment for everyone. It was rejected because no one wanted to cuddle with a cow and Bones thought Amy was just looking for friends.  
  5. Lunchbox takes an 8-hour Uber. There is no distance level to take an Uber but there is a time limit of 8 hours, you just have to find a driver to accept it. They wanted to send him on an 8-hour ride somewhere, check in on him during the ride and see how much it cost at the end. It was rejected because it would’ve cost too much and Lunchbox wouldn’t have agreed to do it.