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Bobby Addresses People Upset About Beyoncé Releasing Country Album

Bobby Bones has been watching the show Fargo and is on season two right now. It’s based in the 70s and during a scene they play the song “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Is)” by First Edition. The lead singer of that band was Kenny Rogers and when he crossed over and did country music, it wasn’t controversial because they just wanted good music at the time. There are many artists who started in another genre of music and then made a country crossover, like Darius Rucker and Post Malone recently.  

Bones addressed people's outrage that Beyoncé is releasing a country album and her latest song “Texas Hold ‘Em.” He doesn’t think she’s coming over and trying to be a full-time country artist. He listened to her new songs and thought it was good and 100% country. He also said if people are excited about Post Malone making a country album and not Beyoncé then they are hypocritical. Beyoncé is from Texas and has a history of performing with country music artists. In 2016 she performed with The Chicks at the CMA Awards, and in 2007 she performed with Sugarland at the American Music Awards.

Bones has found that what country music doesn’t like is when artists settle to do country because they can’t find the same success they used to have, but that’s not what Beyoncé is doing because she’s one of the biggest and most successful artists. People started yelling at Bones that Beyoncé is not country, but he thinks it’s all fake outrage. He also pointed out that if you look at the history of country music, it wasn’t started by white people in the south, it was started by Africans coming over on slave ships and bringing their banjo instruments, so only that could be considered “real country music.”  

Bones thinks Beyoncé’s country song is good and that it doesn’t matter who the artist is, when they release a new song, it doesn’t make it to the top of the charts for a while and he doesn’t have much control over which songs get played. He shared his thoughts on Twitter and told people he does not care what they have to say about the song because it’s 100% a country song and it’s good!