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Morgan Asks Show For Advice With 5-Date Dilemma

Morgan has been on 5-dates with the guy she invited over to play Twister and is now in a dilemma.  

Morgan’s confused because he keeps texting and FaceTiming her a lot which shows her he’s interested, but he’s not taking the initiative to make plans to see her. She’s not sure if she’s being too sensitive and trying to rush things or if it’s time to end things. After 5 dates she expected him to take the initiative to tell her he likes her and wants to see her again and/or plan a next date, but it didn’t happen. He did plan the first two dates and she helped plan the last three. After the Twister date he didn’t really follow up with her, so she started matching his effort and pulled back. When she asked him about it, he responded asking why she didn’t ask him to hangout. She told him it felt like he didn’t like her so why would she ask him to hangout. She shared with him that she wants to be with someone who puts in the effort and plans things, and he hasn't been doing either despite that conversation.

Bobby Bones doesn’t like the way it feels, especially since it’s so early on. When he started dating his wife, he would take big initiatives to make plans with her all the time. He suggested he might be intimidated by her or is seeing other people. Morgan added that she thinks it could be a roster-type situation. Raymundo said it felt forced and time to end it. Eddie thinks it’s both their fault and should be a fun relationship that could turn into more overtime. Lunchbox thinks he only wants to see her when no one else is available. After the guys' shared their thoughts, Morgan added that she's also thrown off because he FaceTimes her during the evenings when they could be hanging out in person.

Morgan knows she wants someone who puts in effort, takes the initiative to see her and make plans. He seems like a very passive person and Morgan’s not sure if she can be with someone like that. She’s been in relationships like that before and they weren’t enjoyable for her, so she thinks this one is done.