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Show Members Share How They’re Spending Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentines Day and members on the show shared how they’re spending the night.  

  • Eddie – He and his wife are going to see Bob Marley: One Love in theatres!  
  • Lunchbox – His wife planned dinner reservations at 7:15, but he has a soccer game at 8:30. He thought the league would cancel the game for Valentines Day, and he wouldn’t miss the game because he made a commitment to the team. He asked his wife to cancel the reservation and said they can celebrate after his game at home.  
  • Raymundo – He and his wife didn’t make a reservation because they don’t know the restaurants that well in the new part of town they moved to. He usually buys an extravagant bouquet, but the store closed, so now he goes to a grocery store and makes his own. They will probably celebrate at the house with candles and take out.  
  • Bobby Bones – He and his wife are going to dinner at 7:30. Arkansas Basketball has a game at 8 and he doesn’t plan on checking the score during dinner. He also got her a gift.  
  • Amy – She has a spray tan appointment because she’s in a wedding this weekend.