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Elevate Your Confidence, Style & Power with This Life-Changing Tip

Amy just discovered color matching & it's blown her mind. Her guest, Hannah Garber (a color analyst) breaks it all down for us. Amy met Hannah after she booked an appointment to find out her "season" (she learned she's a 'cool summer' palette, btw) and when Hannah told Amy her underlying skin tone was one that radiates in NAVY BLUE & NOT BLACK Amy was fascinated! She knew she wanted Hannah on the podcast ASAP. Why are we just now learning about this? In a nutshell, we all have certain colors that give us the power to show up with more confidence and look our best. Everything from the way we color our hair, to our makeup choices, the clothing we wear, nail color, jewelry etc.. 

Amy & Hannah talk about the colors/seasons (winter, summer, spring & autumn), confidence, capsule wardrobes (imagine if getting dressed was easy!!), the science behind it all, how Hollywood uses color matching for character building (shout out Anne Hathoway in Devil Wears Prada) & so much more (like memories of our moms with their signature lip colors & how switching your mascara color from black to brown is a game-changer or vice all depends on the "season" that you are!) 

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