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Amy Does Color Matching Appointment For Best Clothes To Wear

Amy went to a color matching appointment to figure out what colors look best on her!  

The appointment focuses on the overall colors that look best on you. From the shirt you put on, to what kind of makeup you wear and hair color. It’s all about the underlying skin tone you're born with that you can’t change. She had a two-hour appointment and was told her color pallet is cool summer. There is stuff in our skin tone that makes certain colors look better or worse on us. You’re either spring, winter, summer or autumn. To figure out which one Amy was, the woman put multiple colors up to her face and was able to see which ones looked better on her and didn’t wash her out.  

This woman told Amy that if you’re wearing your power color, the color that looks the best on you, you feel more confident and are taken more seriously. Amy wears black all the time and the lady told her black isn’t for her and she should wear navy. People who have the cool summer pallet should avoid black and white clothes because they are too dark and high contrast. Amy used to always wear jet black mascara, but the lady told her that brown would complement her more. To Amy it was worth the investment because she’s in the process of cleaning out her closet. She hasn’t transformed her closet yet, but once she does, no matter what she grabs for she’ll know it’s a color from her color pallet and she’ll feel and look good in it. 

Everyone thought it was a scam but there was no research to prove it wasn’t. Amy paid for the appointment and was so interested in her work; she asked her to come on her podcast. If you want to know more, listen to 4 Things with Amy Brown.