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Bobby Reacts To Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting

Photo: Jamie Squire / Getty Images News / Getty Images

On Wednesday, (Feb. 14) a shooting happened at a parade celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs’ win at the Super Bowl. There were about a million people there, and it happened at Union Station, where the parade ended. Children’s Mercy Hospital was treating 12 patients from the shooting, 11 of whom were children, and one person was killed and at least 21 injured. Bobby Bones shared his thoughts. 

He thought it was awesome to see the man tackle the shooter and that he had those life-saving instincts to put their life at risk to save other people. They also noted how the shooter dropped the weapon and a lady came out of nowhere and moved it to make sure he couldn’t grab it and continue doing harm. He praised everyone's quick thinking to help in that moment. The events that happened were tragic and noted how people say they want to be able to carry guns in case something bad like this happens, but no one was able to stop the bad guys from doing it. He said nothing will be changed soon that will affect this, but things can start to change culturally if politicians on both sides cared about you. He reminded people that politicians don’t care about you and only care about getting re-elected and getting money from groups. If they cared about you, people wouldn’t be dying all the time.  

Bones had two meetings scheduled with a U.S Senator who reached out to him because he knows Bones is someone who believes in the 2nd Amendment and owns guns, but also believes that if nothing changes, shooting will continue every month and never stop. The Senator has cancelled on him twice and only wants to talk when a shooting hasn’t happened recently, even though that’s what Bones wants to talk to him about. Bones believes if certain things started to be built into our culture, you wouldn’t be able to stop, but you could stop 2 a year, which results in saving lives.  

Bones believes in the 2nd Amendment and why it was created, but also why it shouldn’t be a blanket statement. He understands both sides and thinks he has a sensible approach to it. He sends his condolences to everyone who was affected by the shooting.