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Bobby Shares Update On Him Testing Out Mouth Tape

Listener Bryan called in wanting to know how Bobby Bones is doing with the mouth tape while he sleeps.  

Bones has been having trouble sleeping and he saw on TikTok that using mouth tape could help. It’s a tape made specifically for your mouth and isn’t super hardcore and you could easily pop it off. Bones does think it has helped a bit, but it hasn’t changed his life. The biggest thing he noticed is that he doesn’t get as thirsty at night anymore because he no longer sleeps with his mouth open causing it to dry out. Now that he’s breathing through his nose when he sleeps, he’s no longer waking up in the middle of the night extremely thirsty and said that part alone has made it 10% better. Bones has tapped his mouth 12 of the last 14 nights and feels like he’s 10-15% better. He’s going to let the process grow and give an update after a few months of using it.