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Lunchbox Asked Strangers For Valentine’s Day Card Poem Ideas

Lunchbox went out on Valentine’s Day afternoon as Captain Cringe and tried to get strangers to help him write a line in a Valentine’s card.  

The first stranger he asked he said it was for a “hottie at his office he was trying to seduce” and he needed help writing a line for them. He suggested opening with “I like the way your bosoms jiggle,” or “I’d like to lick chocolate off your lips.” The stranger suggested “I want you to sit on me the way you sit at that desk.” He ended it with saying “You’re super fine.”  

The second person he asked he started by saying he was “In love with those humps, and they do something to him in his jeans.” The stranger thought it was a little too aggressive and suggested a more laid-back approach. Lunchbox then asked if “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’d like to seduce you,” sounded good, but the strangers thought it was too forward.  

The third one he started with “I like it when I see your booty bounce, it makes me want to pounce.” The stranger thought it wasn’t good and since the person he was writing the card for didn’t know he liked them, he shouldn’t just open with something so forward. They suggested “Roses are red, violets are blue, I wish me, and you would get together soon.” Lunchbox was surprised how nice and helping the strangers were with helping him write the Valentine’s Day cards and thought it was a success!