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Show Shares How They Spent Valentine’s Day

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared how they spent Valentine's Day!  

For the first time, Eddie got ahead of his Valentine’s Day plans a month in advance. He was going to take his wife to see the new Bob Marley movie One Love. They wanted to go before the kids got out of school. He was going to pick her up after work and they were going to see a one o’clock movie and be home by three, but she got a work call and couldn’t go anymore. Eddie tried to get a babysitter so they could still go out at night, but all the sitters already had plans. What Eddie’s wife really wants is to see a show at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A., but for now, they rescheduled their Valentines Day plans for next week. Instead, they spent the night taking the kids to bible study, picked up food and watched a movie but only made it thirty minutes in before falling asleep.  

Lunchbox’s wife made dinner for the family before he went to his soccer game, that he won. When he got home, his wife was asleep.  

Bobby Bones ordered flowers for his wife a few weeks ago, picked them up, gave her a gift and wrote a long card. He had dinner reservations but wasn’t feeling good because he ate something he thinks wasn’t good for his stomach. His wife wasn’t feeling well either, so they moved the reservation to tomorrow night, but he still got charged $50 for the last-minute cancelation. They ended up ordering take out and watched Fargo. She fell asleep and he watched the Arkansas basketball game and they lost.  

Amy said she didn't do anything. Morgan also shared she didn't have any plans, but she made fettuccini at the house for herself and watched some rom coms while eating chocolate.

Raymundo made a card for his wife, picked up some flowers from the gas station, and she made them dinner. He admitted he was in bed by 5pm.