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Eddie Fulfilled Punishment for a Second Time

Eddie’s punishment for spoiling a TV show was to go to a public place and tell jokes. The first time he did it, the audio was terrible, and you couldn’t hear what he was saying, so he had to do it over.  

He went back to the same place, stood on the stage and told people he was a local comedian and started telling jokes. It was a typical coffee shop with people who were mostly doing work. He went during a time when people don’t perform so when he got on the stage and started talking, he had everyone's attention. He told 5 jokes, and people interacted with him and clapped when he left. The audio was much better, and Eddie laughed at all of his jokes after like he was supposed to. He was so embarrassed, and never wants to do it again. And he felt bad bothering people at the coffee shop who were just trying to do their job. Everyone feels good about his punishment now and it’s completed.