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Eddie Has Theory That Raymundo Is Secretly Rich

Members of The Bobby Bones Show have been together for 20-15 years and know each other well, but Eddie now has a theory that Raymundo is secretly rich. 

Eddie walked by Raymundo’s workstation and noticed a BMI music publishing check that had been sitting there for a while. The check is for the amount he’s made for his songs “Baecation,” “Baecation Pt.2” and “White Claw Christmas.” When Eddie gets checks, he deposits them immediately and he thought since Raymundo hadn’t opened his yet, he doesn’t need the money and is secretly rich.  

The check Eddie thought he saw was actually a W2 statement. Raymundo isn’t secretly rich and to prove it, he opened it to share how much he made from songwriting in 2023. He also wanted it to be a lesson for kids who want to become songwriters and only see the Luke Combs or Morgan Wallen’s and shared that he feels like there is no money in songwriting. The total amount Raymundo made in 2023 from songwriting was $38.56. The most he’s made from a songwriting check in the past was $500.  

Even though Raymundo’s songs got played on radio and streamed, they had to split the royalties three ways and that’s all he made from it for the year. Money from songwriting mainly comes from it becoming a number one hit, getting a massive number of streams or if it’s featured in a commercial. Raymundo would love to have a summer themed commercial play his song “Baecation” or “Baecation Pt.2” so the next check is hopefully a larger amount of money!