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Listener Believes Eddie May Have Dyscalculia

Eddie thinks he may have dyslexia. He was recently playing a game and said something backwards without even thinking about it, he also has a hard time pronouncing some words. Listener Kelly is a dyslexia specialist and called into The Bobby Bones Show to share her thoughts.  

She thinks Eddie may have a form of dyscalculia, which is a learning disorder that affects a person's ability to understand number-based information and math. People who have dyscalculia struggle with numbers and math because their brains don't process math-related concepts and it makes it almost impossible to memorize multiplication facts. Also, it makes you think that you’re pronouncing some things correctly, but you’re not. She also wanted to explain why he struggled with the test he took and said it was due to phonemes, the smallest unit of sound in a word. It affects him because the pathways in his brain can’t break it down to that level. Eddie thought it meant he was dumb, but Kelly explained that’s not the case at all and most millionaires are dyslexic.  

Kelly shared that she is coming to Nashville in March and offered to test everyone for dyslexia. She will test everyone’s reading and spelling level and it will take 10-15 minutes. She also thinks Lunchbox has some characteristics of dyslexia, so she wants to test him and Eddie separately.