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Amy’s Psychic Cousin Predicts Situations for BBS Members

Amy’s psychic cousin, Amanda, called into The Bobby Bones Show and shared her predictions for some members on the show!  

Amanda is a spiritual intuitive, a psychic medium, a wellness leader and practices soul pathology. She helps people tap into the highest and brightest versions of themselves. Amanda also believes in Aliens and saw them while in her backyard in Dripping Springs, Texas and on vacation in Spain.  

While on the show, Bobby Bones asked her to predict some situations members on the show are currently in.  

  • Will Lunchbox get a new car this year? – She predicted No. 
  • Will Scuba Steve ever write the script he has had in his head for years but never works on? - She said he has the idea, but he is too tired and exhausted from work and home life to work on anytime soon. 
  • Will Amy get scammed again this year? - She most likely will.  
  • Will Eddie go to Türkiye and get hair transplants done? - She predicted that his hair might start growing back on its own.  

To learn more, you can listen to her podcast, Soul Sessions with Amanda Rieger Green.