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Bobby Wants To Cover Full Cost For Eddie To Do Hair Transplant in Türkiye

Eddie has been going back and forth with possibly going to Türkiye to get a hair transplant.  All in for the hair transplant service, travel, food and a guest to accompany him would cost $10,000 and Bobby Bones said he’d pay for it. Eddie and his wife had to do more research before they made a decision.   

Dr. Terry Dubrow is a prestigious and skilled plastic surgeon who was on The Real Housewives and was recently on the Good Guys Podcast talking about going to Türkiye for hair implants and said it was very good to get it done there. He said they do the best job and there is truly no risk in getting it done and no one is going to die from getting a hair transplant. After hearing that, Bones is willing to pay for Eddie and another person to go, all expenses covered.  

Bones is tired of Eddie not deciding on this and thinks it’s something he should do so he’ll pay for everything to get him to Türkiye and get the hair transplants done.  

Eddie’s wife loves the idea, but she can’t go with him because of their four kids. Eddie is going to do some research and find what the total price will be for two people, how long he’d need to be gone from work and how long he would need to stay in a hotel to recover. Eddie is going to present the numbers to Bones tomorrow and share his final decision. If he agrees to do it, Bones will pay for everything because he thinks it would be worth it for show content!