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Eddie Mistaken As Creepy Guy When Trying To Help Kid Reunite With Parent

Eddie was at the trampoline park with his kids when he saw a four-year-old boy by himself trying to leave.  

He stopped him and asked where he was going, and the kid told him he was looking for his dad. Eddie realized the kid was lost and his dad wasn’t outside, so he told him he’d help find him. He took him to the front where employees were checking people in, but they were teenagers who didn’t really care. Eddie asked them to make an announcement over the speaker for the boy's father and when they did you could hardly make out what they were saying. Eddie waited there with the kid for five minutes before his father showed up. When he did, he asked him what he was doing with his son. He explained he found him looking for his father and was helping him. He didn’t listen and thought he was being creepy. Eddie thinks it’s because he’s a guy and being a man in these types of situations has its disadvantages.