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Eddie’s Insurance Offering Discount For Teenage Son If They Allow Tracking

Eddie got his son an older car for his 16th birthday. Having a young driver isn’t great for his insurance, and when he called to get the car insured, it bumped their insurance up by hundreds of dollars a month.  

The insurance was more expensive than the actual car, so he called to figure it out and was told they found a way to reduce it. They could give him a 30% discount if he allowed them to track his Jeep to watch how he drives and see if he obeys the law. Their insurance is bundled and if Eddie proves to be a safe and sound driver, they could lower the insurance. There is no way he’s going to let them track his son's car since he’s a newer driver, and Eddie said he’s the safest and best driver in the family. The negative of being tracked is they could bump his insurance up depending on how he drives. They will be monitoring his speed, breaking and other details and report the information to the insurance company. They then use the data they gathered from the tracking device to adjust a premium or apply a discount.  

Eddie likes the idea of having a 30% decrees but knows there may be moments he needs to speed a little and they could increase his insurance. He found out they will also track if he’s on his phone while driving, which may be a problem for him because he FaceTime’s his friend while driving.