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Abby Reveals How Much Money She Made From “Hey There Hometown”

Abby wrote and recorded her first original song, “Hey There Hometown” last year. Since she released it, it’s been played on The Bobby Bones Show, Country Top 30 Countdown, Women of iHeart Country weekend show, and on her hometown station! 

She doesn’t have a manager, and no one told her she needed to register the song, so she only did it a month ago. She checked her account and saw the song was registered under the other singer, Abby Anderson, and she was getting the money from it. So, Abby has gotten paid zero for her song so far. Abby will most likely make $500-$600 by the end of the year from the song and she is working on making sure “Hey There Hometown” gets registered under Abby Leigh Anderson and not the other Abby Anderson.