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Amy’s List of Crazy Theories She’s Shared With The Show

Amy has been part of The Bobby Bones Show for the past 18 years. Over the years, she has shared some crazy things like, “If you hear a baby crying on your front porch, don’t open the door because it’s a gang member” and “If you see a baby on the side of the road don’t stop to help it because you’ll get jumped.” She’s also shared that if an oncoming car flashes its lights at you that is also a gang symbol. Now she is back with another crazy theory.  

She saw an Instagram reel that said you should check toilet paper in public restrooms. You must take off the cover and check for blood. People will inject themselves with drugs in bathrooms like that and to clean the needle they will stab the toilet paper. If you use this toilet paper to clean yourself, it only takes one tiny drop of blood to easily contract a lifelong virus like HIV/Aids, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B.  

Bobby Bones then shared that he spits on his toilet paper so it’s not dry because he has an injury and dry toilet paper on a cut hurt. No one had ever heard of someone spitting on their toilet paper and then using it. The show determined both Amy and Bones are crazy.